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What's Up

Sometimes you have to build one Just for the Pure Enjoyment of it all


    It's been awhile since I built a model boat purely for the enjoyment of the build, but decided to build the old Lindgerg kit of the Robert E. Lee for just that reason. The kit itself is old and dated -- I built one when I was a Jr. in High School and the kit was old then! But in spite of that, the model went together well and I had a ball building it. Been working on the model since mid January, and added the last of the finishing touches just this morning. From here we'll let the pictures tell the tail.....







     While we were relaxing at the boat pond one morning the idea came up that the local scale boat club, the Albuquerque Model Marine Association (AMMA) needed a web site to let boat modelers know   what the AMMA is all about. Since the club is not actually official, there are no dues, and only has officers in name as contacts, there's no way the club can support the cost of its own site, so I decided to add a page dedicated to the AMMA here at Pat's Custom Models. So, for those boat modelers out there who are interested in what the "boat modelers in the desert" are up to, look in on the new offering here. So, if your a local modeler with an interest in boat modeling, or just visiting Albuquerque, you might enjoy stopping by our local pond.

Pat Tritle


What About Those Highly Detailed Plans We Speak Of?

    In many of the Short Kit description we speak of the kit containing Highly Detailed Plans. Since the kits are intended for the more experienced modeler, and do not include Step-By-Step Building Instructions, the plans are detailed to a level where no instructions are needed. All the wire bending patterns for the landing gear are shown, and even the patterns for making up the bowed outlines have been provided. There are plenty of notes on the plans as well as detail assembly drawings for the small sub-assemblies, plus fuselage and wing cross sections to help determine parts locations and other pertinent assembly information.. And on the later offerings a materials list is provided as well as detailed parts I.D. Sheets to make identifying the parts a breeze. And since these are Short Kits, nothing out of the ordinary was incorporated into the build that is not readily available from Hobby Shops or Mail Order suppliers.

    So, for the experienced kit builder there should be no problem getting the model assembled. For the Scratch Builder, these kits are perfect since they eliminate the need for cutting out parts, which due to the CAD drawn plans and laser cutting enable the design to incorporate more intricate parts that would be difficult to hand cut, yet at the same time make the model easier to build. And for those with a little less experience that need a hand with some of the techniques used in these designs, check out the Building Tips page for a little step-by-step help.

Here's an of example of what these plans look like

The GeeBee Model D plans are typical of all the Short Kit plans that include not only the Assembly Views and wire bending patterns, but also several

"Build-On" Drawings to make assembly of the model quick and easy as possible.