Piper Super Cub

Build Thread

    The Super Cub spans 52.7", with a flying weight of 17 oz. The model is set up with 5 ch. R/C, and includes operating flaps. Power is provided by the low cost 1000KV Outrunner motor and ESC Package from www.rchotdeals.com and a 2100 mah 2 cell Lipo. The model also features an opening side door for easy battery access.

    Though not a trainer, the Super Cub flies great. The flaps are very effective and will slow the model down so that it can be flown in some very small venues.

    The Short Kit contains Plans, all the laser cut parts, plus the Vac-Formed plastic Cowl.


You can order the Short Kit  here:      Short Kits  Price: $79.95

    The Black Super Cub was built from the Short Kit and modified to represent a full scale Super Cub based in Cordova Alaska. Recently, stall slats were added to the model to offer even better small field performance and low speed handling. And with that, the Super Cub is fast becoming one of my favorite airplanes to fly!