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    The new 55" span Quaker Flash  design was based on the old 30" R/N kit, enlarged and restructured to produce a light, competitive Old Timer that's true in outline. The only deviation from the original R/N design was to incorporate the Dalaire Sportster airfoil into the new wing. What came of it all is a 12.2 oz. model that will fly beautifully on a low cost Outrunner, 2 cell drive system and 3 ch. R/C using two sub-micro servos. 

The Quaker Specs out as follows;

Wing Span- 55"     Area- 400 Sq. In.     Flying Weight- 13 oz.     Wing Loading- 4.5 oz. / sq. ft.     Length- 37.2"     Power Loading- 60 Watts/ lb.

Power System- 2208/17 (1100 KV) Brushless Outrunner motor available from  http://lightflightrc.com/ w/ a 10 amp ESC w/ BEC, a 9-4.7 Prop and a Thunderpower 1320 mah 2S Lipoly Battery.

Guidance System- 3 ch. control is provided by 2, Sub-Micro Servos to control the rudder and elevator with a Spektrum AR-6000 Rx.

    The Short Kit includes (only); 2, 36" X 48" highly detailed plans sheets which includes parts I. D. additional materials list, and lots of building notes. Also included are 7 laser cut balsa sheets, and 1 laser cut plywood sheet.

You can order the Quaker Short Kit here;   Short Kits  Price $54.95   



The two Quakers pictured are P-Types built to proof the Short Kit, and both Fly Beautifully -- Just like a Quaker should. I built the yellow black & red model, and my good friend and Master Modeler George Laskar built the red and silver one.


My Quaker was has also been flown,  and proven herself a terrific flyer also.