Pitts Model 14


Build Thread


Wing span; 30” Top 28.6 Bot.  Wing Area; 322 sq. in.  Length; 28.6”  Flying weight; 16 oz.


Power; Castle Creations MC-20, 4200 kv In-runner w/ MPI 6.6:1 Gear Drive, Castle Creations 25A ESC w/ BEC, APC 10-4.7 SF Prop and a Thunderpower 1320 mah 3 cell Lipoly Battery.


Guidance is 2 ch. R/C with 2 servos: 1 ea. Rudder and Elevator, using the Spektrum DX-6 radio.


    The Pitts Model 14 was designed and built as a tribute to the late Curtis Pitts. The idea was to offer a model well suited to both intermediate and advanced modelers alike. As a 3 ch. Model, the Pitts is very stable, yet will do some nice ruder / elevator aerobatics too.


    For the advanced modeler, the wing is designed in such a way that adding ailerons is easy, to transform the Model 14 into a full blown acrobat!


    The model is of all wood construction with blue foam being used to form the cowl and tail fairing blocks. The model is designed using the old school “stick Frame” techniques for a strong light airframe. Because it’s a biplane, intermediate building skills are required, with a little stick framing experience a real plus.


     The kit includes 3, 36” X 48” plan sheets, and 7 laser cut balsa and ply sheets, and the part number is provided for the Sig Canopy used.


You can order the Short Kit  here:     Short Kits   Price: $59.95