Piper L-4 Grasshopper

Build Thread


    The L-4 Grasshopper is a 1/8 Scale model of the Military Version of the most popular light plane ever built. The model features light weight "stick and tissue" style construction making it possible to easily build a very scale like flying model of the venerable old Cub in it's Military dress.

    The L-4 Short Kit features laser cut wood parts, a beautifully detailed plastic cowl and dummy engine, and 3 highly detailed plans sheets. The wings plug in and is retained by rare earth magnets to keep the cabin windows accurate and unencumbered by bulky, non-scale, wing joinery, and the battery is accessed through the scale side door.

    Power for this all new design is provided by a Himax 2808-980 Outrunner motor with a GWS 9-5 Symmetar prop and a Thunderpower 1320 mah 2S battery for flight durations over 20 minutes. Guidance for the 15.6 oz. model is 4 ch. using 4 sub-micro servos. The result of all this is a very scale like flying Cub with enough reserve power to fly the model very comfortably, yet still provide long flight durations. Also, for those looking for a standard J-3 in 1:8 scale, the L-4 will be easy to "backdate" to it's original configuration.


You can order the Short Kit  here:     Short Kits   Price: $74.95