Nieuport 17

Build Thread

    The Nieuport was originally designed and flown as a simple 3 ch. Park Flyer. The model was very docile and well behaved, and made a perfect WW-I scale model for small parks or soccer fields.

    Then a second p-type was built with ailerons added, and the dihedral removed from the top wing. This model flew like a genuine WW-I Fighter! Since both models flew so well, the Short Kit was modified, and plans addendums added so the N-17 could be built either as a 3 or 4 ch. model, with no modification required by the builder.

    The short kit contains the Plans, laser cut parts, and a Vac-Formed plastic cowl.

You can order the Short Kit  here:      Short Kits  Price: $74.95    The 3" wheel kit for the Nieuport is available for an additional $11.95 on the  Short Kits  Page.