The GeeBee Model D    The Good folks at AirAGE Media have requested models of a couple of Golden Age air racers for construction articles, so we decided to go with the lesser known GeeBee Model D first. The GeeBee has proven to be a terrific success. The model has only a 32" wingspan, but doesn't fly at all like a small model.

    The model has a 32" span with 165 sq. in. wing area and is powered by a 4:1 IPS drive equipped with a 4900 KV Feigao 12 MM Brushless Motor, a 10 amp ESC and a GWS 8-6 prop. The Intellect R/C 800 mah 2S  battery provides run times of over 20 minutes at an all up flying weight of 8.6 oz. The Model is not outrageously fast, but looks very scale-like in flight. Control is smooth, honest, and positive, making the GeeBee a very  gentle flyer.

    The Short kit includes 2 highly detailed plans sheets with parts I.D. lots of building notes and a list of additional materials required to complete the model. Also included are 6 laser cut balsa and 1 laser cut plywood sheets containing all the shaped parts required to build the model.

You can order the Short Kit here;   Short Kits   Price  $59.95