Douglas SBD Dauntless


Build Thread


Wing span; 30”  Wing Area; 170 sq. in.  Length; 25”  Flying weight; 10.5 oz.


Power; GWS EPU-2828 (2.8:1) Gear Drive, 25A ESC w/ BEC, GWS 8-6 Prop and a Kokum 700 mah, or Falcon 880 mah 3 cell Lipoly Battery.


Guidance is 5 ch. R/C with 4 servos: 1 ea. Rudder and Elevator, Aileron and Retracts, using the Spektrum DX-6 radio.



            The SBD is a stable and docile flyer, and is very suitable for flying in smaller venues. The model requires intermediate building skills; some “stick framing” experience would be very helpful. The model is designed for the low cost GWS Pico Retracts, but can be built with fixed, or no landing gear if desired.


            Flying the SBD requires intermediate flying skills, and would make a terrific “first War Bird”. Built with retracts, the model requires smooth runways, but can be hand launched and landed with the gear up on grass flying fields as well.


            The short kit contains 1 highly detailed 36” X 48” plan sheet, parts I.D. sheet, 8 laser cut (5 balsa 3 plywood) sheets, and a vac-formed plastic cowl and canopy.


You can order the Short Kit  here:     Short Kits   Price: $59.95