The DC-6B for IPS and 4 Ch. R/C


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            The Douglas DC-6B features a 60 wingspan, and is powered by 4 GWS 4:1 IPS Drives and a single Thunderpower 2100 mah Lipoly Battery. The idea was to build a simple, lightweight Airliner without all the complexities and added expense of a 6 ch. model with flaps and retracts for the modeler on a budget.


            The Short Kit contains 4 highly detailed 36 X 48 plans sheets, 11 Laser Cut wood sheets, plus 4 vac-formed cowls and 8 vac-formed air inlet scoops.


            The DC-6 builds light and strong, and is a very docile flyer. If the old piston powered airliners are your thing, this one is worth a good close look. 



You can order the Short Kit  here:     Short Kits   Price: $119.95