Building Tips
The Building Tips Page is dedicated to educating new modelers to the
somewhat unusual methods used in construction of the Short Kits and
Scratch Built designs found here at Pat's Custom Models. The pages will
contain photos and captions explaining how to accomplish the tasks listed
1- Making Bowed Outlines

2- Painting Litefilm

3- Painting Scale Propellers

4- Cowl Alignment and Mounting

5- Making a Landing Gear

6- Assembling Vac-Formed Wheel Pants

7- Cabane Struts -- Bending and Soldering

8- Covering with Litefilm

9- Making a Windshield Pattern

10- Making Tail Fairing Blocks

11- Making Scarf Joints

12- Picking a Power System

13- Making Paper Fairings

14- Making Hidden Wheel Retainers

15- Building the 1:8 Scale Cowl  (L-4, J-Kota, Inspirer and
Flybaby Biplane

16- How to Build Light: a Guide to Building Light Weight

17- The basics of Stick Framing a Fuselage

18- Fiberglassing Mahogany Boat Hulls: Works for Painted Hulls

19- Simple Math for Modeling Tasks

20- Making the Piper Style Fin fillet