Brown B-2 "Miss Los Angeles

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    Among the more popular of the Golden Age Racers is the Brown B-2, Miss Los Angeles. The 1:7 scale Model is set up for low cost brushless power on 2 cells for some very scale-like pylon racing in your local parks, or even at your club flying site. Designed for the sport flyer, the B-2 is a terrific addition to your collection of early aviation classics.

    The B-2 is a simple "Stick & Tissue" style design for 4 ch. R/C that flies like it's on rails. With a wing loading of under 8.5 oz./ Sq. Ft., the model is a solid flyer and grooves around the pylons beautifully, but will still slow down nicely making it a joy to fly, and won't push your heart rate clear off the scale when it comes time for the landing.

    The Short Kit includes 2 sheets of highly detailed plans, 5, laser cut balsa and 2, plywood sheets, plus the vac-formed wheel pants. A list of additional materials is provided on the plans to make gathering the necessary items required to complete the model a breeze. And as an added bonus, the complete Graphics Package for the B-2 is available from Callie Graphics, here;

Specs;    Span- 32"    Length- 33"    Wing area- 200 Sq. In.    Flying Weight- 11.6 oz.     Wing Loading- 8.36 Oz. / Sq. Ft.

               Power- HiMax 2808-980 Outrunner w/ a Phoenix 10 ESC, APC 8-6 or 9-5 SF prop and a Thunderpower 1320 mah 2S battery. Guidance requires 4, Sub-Micro Servos and a full range Micro Rx


You can order the Short Kit here;   Short Kits   Price  $59.95