Stinson Reliant.....

Build Thread

Wing span; 56.8” Wing Area;  465 sq. in.  Length; 36.5”  Flying weight; 27.8 oz.

Power; Super Tigre ST-10 Outrunner, ST-30 ESC w/ BEC,  APC 11-5.5E Prop and a Hyperion 2500  mah 2S Li-Poly Battery.

Guidance is 5ch. R/C with 6 Sub-Micro Servos: 1 ea. Rudder and Elevator, and 2 Aileron, and 2 Flap using the Spektrum DX-7 radio.

            The Stinson SR-10 Reliant is a large Park Flyer, but is slow and docile, so can be flown in smaller venues. The model is of all wood construction with Vac-Formed plastic Cowl and Wheel Pants, and requires intermediate to advanced building skills; some “stick framing” experience would be very helpful.

            Flying the SR-10 requires only intermediate flying skills, and would make an excellent first 5 ch. scale model. For those relaxing late day flying sessions, the Reliant looks great floating around the calm evening skies.

            The short kit contains 3 highly detailed 36” X 48” plan sheets, parts I.D. sheet, and 18 laser cut (15 balsa 3 plywood) sheets, plus the vac-formed cowl and wheel pants. Patterns are provided for the landing gear and lift strut fairings, and wingtip, rudder and elevator bowing patterns, as well as detailed list of additional materials required to build the model. Gauges are also provided for accurately setting up the proper flap deflection.

You can order the Short Kit  here:     Short Kits   Price: $96.95