Stinson L-5

Build Thread


    Not long ago someone asked where a set of plans for a 26" - 28" Stinson L-5 Sentinel might be found.  After a bit of searching it became apparent that there was nothing readily available, so I decided to do one of my own.

    The 26" span model is nearly true to scale in outline, yet easy to build in spite of the complex fuselage shape. Construction is a simple "stick and tissue" style structure with tissue covering. The result was a terrific flying sport model suitable for smaller flying venues, yet will still do 45 seconds in calm air. And as an added bonus, the L-5 is definitely suitable for R/C conversion using modern off the shelf components.

    The model specs are as follows;     Wing Span- 26"     Wing Area- 91.5 Sq. In.    Length- 19"     Flying Weight- 45 - 50 grams.

    Power- 7" Peck plastic prop w/ a 25" loop of 3/16 rubber.

    The Short Kit contains a highly detailed 36" X 48" plan sheet, and a 1/16" X 4" X 18" balsa sheet loaded with all the required shaped parts to build the model. The additional strip wood, wire, tissue cover, prop and rudder are to be supplied by the builder.

 Order yours here  Short Kits  Price; $19.95