Standard J-1

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Span- 60" Top 42.5" Bottom    Length- 39"   Wing Area- 810 Sq. In. Flying Weight- 23.3 oz.

Power is the Tower Pro 2409-18 (1000KV) Outrunner with the Tower Pro 20A ESC w/BEC. ( swinging a 10-4.7 prop on a Thunderpower 2100 mah 2S Li-Poly battery.

Guidance is 4 ch. R/C using 4 sub-micro servos and a Spektrum AR-6000 2.4 GHz Rx.


    The Standard J-1 is an IMAA legal Park Flyer. The model flies very well, but it also flies very scale-like, so using the rudder to turn the model is a must. For that reason, the J-1 will require intermediate - advanced flying skills.

    The J-1 is a slow docile flyer, so it can be easily flown in smaller venues like small soccer fields, but is also large enough to fly at your local club field as well. The model handles beautifully on the ground as well, so take-off's and landings are a breeze.

    The Short Kit contains 3, 36" X 48" plans sheets, 12 Laser Cut parts sheets (10 balsa 2 ply) plus a set of vac-formed plastic parts containing the cowl side panels and nose bowl, upper cockpit cover, and Hall-Scott engine.

You can order the Short Kit  here:     Short Kits   Price: $129.95     The 3" wheel kit for the J-1 is available for an additional $11.95 on the Short Kits  Page.