60" Pilatus Turbo Porter

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    The 60" Pilatus Turbo Porter is a brand new new design from the ground up, and has proven itself to be a terrific flying model. At 60" span, the Porter is a BIG airplane, but because of its design features lends itself well to small field flying, and is also very easy to transport -- in spite of its large size. Why? Because by design, the Porter builds very light, and because the design features plug in wings, requiring no tools for set up at the field. In addition, the huge operational flaps allow the model to be slowed down very nicely for those steep approaches and landings on ridiculously small runways. So for you Bush Pilots at heart, the Porter is going to be a perfect addition to your collection of Small Field Models.

    The Porter is a great flying model! Because of its large size, it flies like a much larger model, and with the huge flaps fully deployed will slow down very nicely. And, even with the flaps retracted, the Porter will climb at 45 degrees till it's clear out of site, so getting over those goal posts and other small field obstacles is no problem. In all, the Porter is a ton of fun to fly, and in spite of its light weight, will handle breezy conditions very well, and is especially fun to just shoot a few touch and go's on those calm summer evenings as the sun creeps below the horizon.



Wingspan; 60"    Length; 43.25"    Flying Weight; 24.9 oz.    Wing area; 451 Sq. In.    Wing Loading; 7.9 oz. / Sq. Ft.

Power:    Suppo 2217 or E-Flite Park 450 Outrunner Motor w/ a 20A ESC and an APC 11-4.7 Slow Fly Prop with a 2650 mah 2S Li-Poly Battery.

Guidance:    5 Ch. Control is provided by 2, 9 gram Servos for the Rudder and Elevator and 4, 4.3 gram servos (2 ea.) for the Ailerons and Flaps.


The Short Kit contains 3 Highly Detailed Plans Sheets complete with Cross Sectional views, lots of "Build On" drawings, Parts I. D. Drawings, an Additional Materials List, and some basic Building Instructions. Also provided are templates for the cabin windows and windshield, as well as bending patterns for all the wire parts, plus, a detailed Assembly Drawing for the Steer-able Tail Wheel, and much more. Also contained are 12 Laser Cut Wood (10 Balsa and 2 Plywood) sheets and the Vac-Formed Cowl and Spinner. The stock wood and wire, covering material and other hard parts required to build the Short Kit are to be provided by the builder.

Order yours here  Short Kits  Price; $96.95