36" J-Kota Biplane

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The J-Kota Biplane is a Fantasy Scale, or as it were, "Proposed Homebuilt" based on Joe Wagner's old reliable Dakota Biplane design. The original Dakota was a 24" span all sheet balsa model for 1/2A power. The new J-Kota is a light weight stick frame design in 1:8 scale, and was designed around the cowl and dummy engine and landing gear from the new Piper L-4 grasshopper. The cabin was resized a bit to closely match the dimensions of the Cub cockpit as well. And, it was all done without loosing the charm of the original Dakota design.

The model is powered by a Tower Pro 2208-1100KV Outrunner on 2, 1320 mah Li-Poly cells and features 4 ch. R/C using 4 servos. Flying weight for the 412 sq. in. model is a scant 14.6 oz., so flying the slow and docile J-Kota in small venues is no problem. And you have to admit, the Cute Factor is clear off the scale.

The Short Kit includes highly detailed plans, laser cut parts, plus the vac-formed plastic cowl with the dummy Continental engine and wheel pants.

You can order the Short Kit  here:    Short Kits    Price: $69.95