36" Hybrid Spacewalker

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    The Hybrid Spacewalker is not a scale mode, but has a Golden Age scale appearance. The whole idea behind the model was to create a mildly aerobatic model along the lines of the original Spacewalker, but to be slower, yet more capable of simple simple aerobatics like loops, rolls, and stall turns. The plan worked great, and what came of it is a very docile little acrobat.

    The model is of all wood construction with vac-formed plastic wheel pants, and features a bolt on wing for easy transport. The fuselage and tail section are "stick framed", with an egg-crate style wing construction to make assembly quick and easy, yet build into a strong and light weight model.

Specs:    Wingspan- 36"    Length- 28.5"    Flying Wt.- 9.2 oz. Wing Area- 215 sq. in.    Wing Loading- 6.15 oz./ sq. ft.

Power:     GWS IPS "A" (6:1) w/ a 12MM Feigao Brushless replacement motor w/ a 9A ESC and GWS 9-6 prop and a 2S Thunderpower 1320 mah battery

Guidance:    4 Sub-micro Servos; 1 Rudder, 1 Elevator, 1 ea. Aileron, and a Spektrum AR6000 Rx.

    The Short Kit contains 1 detailed assembly drawing, and a full size parts pattern sheet, 4, laser cut balsa sheets plus the ply control horns. The vac-formed plastic Wheel Pants are also provided.


You can order the Short Kit  here:    Short Kits    Price: $49.95