Howard "Ike"

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    The latest release in the most recent series of Golden Age Racers is the Howard "Ike". The 1:7 Sport Scale Model is set up for low cost brushless power on 2 cells for some very scale-like pylon racing in your local parks, or even at your club flying site. Designed for the sport flyer, the "Ike" is a terrific addition to your collection of early aviation classics.

    The "Ike" is a simple "Stick & Tissue" style design for 4 ch. R/C that flies like it's on rails. With a wing loading of under 9 oz./ Sq. Ft., the model is a solid flyer and grooves around the pylons beautifully, but will still slow down nicely making it a joy to fly, and won't push your heart rate clear off the scale when it comes time to land.

    The Short Kit includes 2 sheets of highly detailed plans, 3, laser cut balsa and 2, plywood sheets, plus the vac-formed wheel pants. A list of additional materials is provided on the plans to make gathering the necessary items required to complete the model a breeze. Plus, all the bowing patterns are provided for the wingtips and tail section parts, as well as the printed cowl louver sheets. And as an added bonus, the complete Graphics Package for the Ike is available from Callie Graphics at;

Specs:    Span- 30"    Length- 25.7"    Wing area- 164 Sq. In.    Flying Weight- 10.2 oz.     Wing Loading- 8.9 Oz. / Sq. Ft.

Power:     Avionics Breeze Outrunner w/ a Phoenix 10 ESC, APC 8-6 or 8-6 SF prop and an E-Flite 800 mah 2S battery. Guidance requires 3, Sub-Micro Servos and a full range Micro Rx

You can order the Short Kit here;   Short Kits   Price  $64.95