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The Fleet Biplane


    The Fleet Biplane is a late 20's - early 30's Trainer Biplane powered with a 5 cylinder Kinner radial engine. The full scale Fleet was a very stable and docile flyer, and the model lives up to its full scale counterpart very nicely, making for a terrific scale Park Flyer.

    The Fleet is done in 1:8 scale, so is large enough to have a great "presence" in the air, yet is built nice and light making it a perfect addition to anyone's collection of slow flying models that can be easily flown on small parks and flying fields. The Fleet is a very stable flyer with nice slow take-off and landing speeds. The model features true-to-scale outlines right down to the air-foiled horizontal stabilizer. The only modification made made was to use a proven flat bottom airfoil to simplify the build.

Specs: Wingspan- 42" Top and Bottom    Length- 32"    Wing Area- 470 Sq. In.     Flying Wt.- 18 oz.   Wing Loading- 5.45 oz. / Sq. Ft.

          Power:    E-Flight Park 400 (920 KV) Outrunner, Thunderbird 18 ESC, APC 9-6E Propeller, Intellect RC 1600 mah 2S Li-Poly Battery.

          Guidance:    4 ch. R/C using 4 Sub-Micro Servos- 1 ea. Rudder and Elevator and 1 for each Aileron and a Spektrum AR-6000 Rx.

    The Fleet is a terrific flyer and requires only intermediate skills to fly. As with any scale biplane, the ailerons exhibit a fair amount of adverse yaw, but can be overcome either manually by coordinating rudder, or by mixing aileron differential or rudder input with the ailerons.

    The Short Kit includes 2 highly detailed plans sheets that include lots of "Build-on" drawings as well as several cross sectional views and detail drawings to clarify those more confusing areas of the build Also included are templates for the the bowing patterns, wire bending patterns for the Landing Gear and Cabane Struts and pertinent building notes and instructions. And if that's not enough, Parts I. D. Sheets and a complete Additional Materials list that includes the recommended power and radio components is included as well. The Laser Cut parts are contained on 8 Balsa and Ply Sheets. Also included is a Vac-Formed plastic Parts Pack that  includes the cowl, firewall and detailed Kinner radial engine.


 You can order the Short Kit here:    Short Kits    Price: $84.95