Curtiss Jenny


Build Thread


Wing span; 60” Top 46.6 bottom  Wing Area; 712 sq. in.  Length; 37.6”  Flying weight; 22.6 oz.


Power; Tower Pro 1000KV Outrunner Outrunner w/ Tower Pro 18 ESC w/ BEC, GWS 10-4.7 prop, and Thunderpower 2100 mah 2 cell Lipoly battery.


Guidance is 4 ch. R/C with 4 servos: 1 ea. Rudder and Elevator, and 2 Aileron, using the Spektrum DX-6 radio.



            The Jenny is an IMAA legal Park Flyer, but is slow and docile, so can be flown in smaller venues. The model requires intermediate building skills; some “stick framing” experience would be very helpful.


            Flying the Jenny requires only intermediate flying skills as well, and would make a terrific “first biplane”. For those calm relaxing evenings, the big Jenny would be real hard to beat!


            The short kit contains 3 highly detailed 36” X 48” plan sheets, 11 laser cut (9 balsa 2 plywood) sheets, and 15 vac-formed plastic detail parts.


You can order the Short Kit  here:    Short Kits    Price: $129.95    The 3" wheel kit for the Jenny is available for an additional $11.95 on the Short Kits  Page.