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55" Comet Sparky


    Among my favorite of the old time Free Flight models out there is the 32" Comet Sparky. And since there aren't too many FF sport models out there that flew better then the Sparky, I though it would probably do well as a larger R/C electric powered model as well. So, the original design was scaled up to a 55" span for E-Power and 3 ch. R/C. The result was a terrific looking, and great flying model true to its original form, but restructured to make it not only very light, but also easy to build. The only alterations to the true outline were to incorporate the old Dallaire Sportster airfoil, and to relocate the landing gear to make it stronger and easier to install.

    The fuselage is of the typical "stick frame" variety, with an "egg crate" style wing construction featuring 2 main spars for a strong, light wing. The horizontal stab features the original flat bottom airfoil and is already hinged, so no modifications are needed are needed for R/C operation. And in keeping with the strong, light structure, the wingtips, stab and rudder outlines are bowed from balsa laminations.

Specs;    Span: 55"     Length: 45.5"    Wing Area: 338 sq. in.    Flying Weight: 14.2 oz.    Wing Loading: 6 oz. / sq. ft.

Power;     Suppo 2208-13 Outrunner with a 10A ESC w/ BEC, GWS 9-5 DD prop and a 2S, 1600 mah Lipoly battery

Guidance;    2,  Sub-Micro Servos and a Spektrum AR6000 Rx.

The Short Kit includes 3 highly detailed plans with parts I.D., 8 laser cut wood sheets (7 balsa 1 ply), and a vac-formed spinner designed just for this model


Order yours here  Short Kits  Price; $59.95