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40" J-3 Cub


    Great News!! The 3 ch. J-3 kit has been upgraded so that it can be build as either a 3, or 4 channel model with no modification required by the builder.

    For those with a desire for a little "back to basics" R/C modeling, the 40" J-3 is just what the doctor ordered. The Cub is a simple design, featuring  lot's of nice features, and with the exception of the added dihedral, is true to scale in outline.

    Construction is of the "stick frame" variety, with an "egg crate" style wing construction. Bowed outlines are used on the wingtips, horizontal and vertical stabilizers to produce a strong yet light airframe. The model also features a functional side cabin door to make battery access easy without the need for an additional access hatch. Also in keeping with a nice clean scale appearance, the model features plug in wings to maintain the smooth "swayback" look typical of the J-3 that would otherwise be spoiled by the unsightly bolt holes required for a one piece wing. And last but not least, the vac-formed plastic cowl includes the detailed Franklin Engine found on many of the early J-3's.

    And if that's not enough, the little J-3 flies beautifully. With its very light wing loading it will fly nice and slow, and at a scant 7.2 oz. flying weight has more then adequate power. Control is very responsive, but not the least bit twitchy, so will be just right for those small soccer fields and baseball diamonds.

Specs;    Span: 40"    Length: 25.5"    Wing Area: 230 sq. in.     Flying Weight: 7.2 - 7.9 oz.    Wing loading: 4.5 - 5 oz./ sq. ft. 

Power: GWS 4:1 IPS drive w/ a 5A ESC w/ BEC. GWS 8-6 prop and an E-Flight 430 mah 2S Lipoly Battery 

Guidance: 2 - 4, Dymond D-47 Sub-Micro Servos and a Spectrum AR6100E Rx

    The Short Kit includes 2 highly detailed plans sheets, 5 balsa and 1 laser cut wood parts sheets and a Vac-Formed cowl with dummy engine. The Graphics for the color scheme shown on the proto-type are available from Callie Graphics

Short Kits are available on the Short Kits Page     $49.95 w/ Plans    $39.95 w/o Plans