53.5" Še$$n@ 310

Build Thread

    The 1:8 scale model is set up for economical brushless electric power and 4 ch. R/C, and performs beautifully on just a 2S LiPoly battery (2, 1320 mah packs req.) with flight durations in excess of 15 minutes.

     The 310 flies exactly as expected. Control input is smooth and well mannered, and leaves you with the feeling that you're in complete control. The model is rock solid stable, yet is very nimble on the controls. The model can be flown very slowly, yet the controls remain effective all the way through the speed range. But the best part of all this is that the ailerons remain completely effective, and produce so little adverse yaw that using the rudder is truly optional throughout the entire speed range. And that's what makes the 310 such a pure joy to fly.

    The Short Kit  contains 4, 36" X 48" plans sheets, 19 Balsa and 2 Ply laser cut parts sheets, as well as 13 vac-formed plastic parts to include the nacelles, tip tanks, windshield and front cabin side windows. The highly detailed plans are complete with parts I.D. additional materials list, and plenty of Building Notes and Instructions along with lots of detailed Assembly Drawings.

Specs: Wing Span- 55"    Length- 40.8"    Flying Weight- 33.1 oz.    Wing area- 410 Sq. In.    Wing loading- 11.7 Oz./ Sq. Ft.

            Power- 2, 2208/17 (1100KV) Outrunners w/ 18A ESC's from http://www.rchotdeals.com/Products/rc/Brushless_Motors_ESC/2208_18a.html w/ 2,

GWS 9-4.7 Props and 2, Thunderpower 1320 2S Li-Poly batteries (one in each nacelle) Flight time is around 15 - 18 minutes at cruise power.

            Guidance- The 310 is a simple 4 ch. set-up using 4, Sub-Micro Servos and the Spectrum AR-6000 Rx.

You can order the Short Kit  here:     Short Kits   Price: $154.95