26" L-19 Bird Dog

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    The 26" L-19 Bird Dog is a dedicated Free Flight design for sport flying in relatively small fields. The model is a typical stick and tissue design, and features laser cut parts. The specs are as follows;

Span- 26"    Length- 18.75"    Wing area- 92 Sq. In.    Flying Weight- 45 Gr.    Power is a 16" loop of 3/16" Tan Rubber w/ a 7" Peck Prop.

    The Short Kit contains a highly detailed 30" X 42" plan sheet, and a 1/16" X 4" X 18" balsa sheet loaded with all the required shaped parts to build the model. The additional strip wood, wire, tissue cover, prop and rubber are to be supplied by the builder.

Order yours here  Short Kits  Price; $19.95