Pat's Custom Models began in 1993, offering custom building services to those
who either lacked the time to build or the skill level required to build the model
they have always dreamed of having. Then, drawing from over 50 years of
model design and building experience, the business has also evolved into not
only a custom building service, but offers a full line of Short Kits, as well as
"Construction" and  "How-To" articles, for several modeling magazines and the
Small Talk column in Flying Models magazine.

During my  23 years in business, I've done several modeling clinics for schools,
youth and church groups to introduce kids to modeling who have otherwise
never been exposed to the challenges and rewards of modeling. I have also
designed an RC Pilots' Ground School to clear up some of the mysteries of
learning RC flying -- in simple terms. Over the years I've discovered that the
more you know about what makes the machine work, the easier it is to learn to
operate it, and model boats and airplanes are no exception.

My goal is to continue to  build models of all types as well as to offer
educational programs to put modeling back into the hands of kids; and let's
face it, kids are the future of modeling!

The models that appear on this
site are only approximations of
man carrying aircraft and are in
no way intended to be copies of
any existing aircraft either in, or
out of production, and are not
intended to be man carrying
aircraft. Any similarity between
the models that appear on this
site and any existing full scale
aircraft is purely coincidental,
and are not reproductions of
any existing aircraft.

The owners of this site have no
control over how the kits that
appear on this site are built, the
equipment or additional
materials used, or the way in
which these models are flown,
and will accept no responsibility
for damage to person or
property that might result from
poor building techniques,
improper materials, equipment
used, or unsafe handling.

A section has been included in the Web Site for the model boat enthusiasts out there. Our local Boat Club
has been very active for many years, and since our new pond was completed, boating is gaining popularity
very quickly. This section is dedicated to the good folks at the Albuquerque Model Marine Association
(AMMA) who have been active in keeping the club going through the years. Click on the Blue Banner to see
what we're all about.
The Albuquerque Model Marine
Contact us at:


60" C-150 Texas TD
60" Constellation
42" Waco SRE
60" Taylorcraft
Turbo Beaver
Sky King Songbird
AC-130 Gunship
60" Highlander
60" Stinson Voyager
44" Jungmeister
60" Super Cub
60" J-3 Cub
28" J-3 Kitten
53" Luscombe 8E
42" Ag Cat
53.7" C-170
40" Airtractor
53" C-172
53" C-180
53" C-310
40" L-19
55" Ag Wagon
53" Super Cub
53" L-4
40" J-3
50" Tri-Pacer
50" Pacer
57" SR-10
35" Nieuport 28
60" Jenny
60" Standard J1
42" Fleet
33" Flybaby Bipe
32" GeeBee-D
32" Howard Ike
32" Brown B-2
60" PC-6 Porter
47.6" Ford Trimotor

30" AJ Interceptor
55" Quaker Flash
55" Sparky
42" Inspirer
36" J-Kota Bipe

Rusty (Shrimp Boat)
City of Buffalo
Jenny Lee
CC Painted Racer
Great Lakes
36' Coast Guard
110' Sub Chaser
G.W. Washburn
CG Life Boat
Lackawanna Tug
Akula Submarine
41 CC Hydro
64 CC Super Sport
63 Lyman Soft Top
Theodora R
Jersey Speed Skiff
42' Owens Cabin
150% School Boat
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